AutoCAD has been an essential tool in the commercial property management industry for decades. Not merely a drafting and design program, AutoCAD (when properly managed) is a tool that can help you earn more money in new leases, please tenants during renovations, and manage your buildings in a more effective and efficient way.

That being said, AutoCAD can be a very challenging application to use for those who are not trained in its use. Many landlords, for example, will often go to architects for assistance with the program, though that option can expensive and time-consuming. This is especially true for smaller tasks, such as when a landlord is locked out of their account or needs to convert a file to a PDF.

However, certain consultants with experience in commercial property management and leasing, such as LPM Consulting, are well-suited to provide AutoCAD services to commercial agents and landlords alike.

Here are some ways that LPM Consulting can help you leverage AutoCAD to your advantage.

For Landlords

The leasing and property management aspects of commercial real estate are not separate, but connected. This is most evident when a landlord puts a vacant property up for lease. In order for agents to sign new tenants, they need to have access to up-to-date space plans for the property. A consultant such as LPM’s Elizabeth Whitton who has expertise leasing, property management and in AutoCAD can create and design a plan that showcases all the possible ways to use the space for a far lesser rate than what an architect would charge. This is a tremendous advantage as it will help speed up the sales/leasing process and get the lease signed much faster than it would have otherwise.

A consultant understands what the landlord is trying to achieve: bringing in a new tenant with the least amounts of leasehold improvements, selling what is already there. LPM Consultants can approach this challenge from the landlord’s point of view.

For Real Estate Agents

One of the key tasks all commercial agents must perform is negotiating the lease. In order to attract a prospective tenant, it is often necessary to alter the floor plans of the property being discussed to show what is possible in the space. For example, perhaps the tenant is interested in minor changes to an office suite: some demo work, move or add walls. They may request a schematic that shows them what the layout might look like before a lease is signed. Most agents are able to open the drafts in AutoCAD, but they usually aren’t equipped with how to make changes in the program. By having LPM Consulting managing their AutoCAD as part of their leasing team, agents can request and receive customized schematic samples to show their prospects as part of the sales/leasing process. LPM Consulting understands the mechanics of the deal and how to present the prospects with a sense of possibility in the space in question so that they sign on quickly and at a fair rate.

For Superintendents and Property Managers

Outside of leasing and sales, knowing how to leverage AutoCAD is beneficial to the day-to-day management of commercial and industrial properties. If, for example, a landlord needs an updated fire plan to show to a city official, a consultant can simply go to the original plan and create a separate fire plan from it. This practice, which is a quick and easy task for anyone who is trained in AutoCAD to do, can also apply to other issues such as overnight or winter parking (you can show the plan to tenants so they know where their customers should park when on the property), as well as securing agreements with contractors (such as snow removal). Using the program in this way facilitates clearer, stronger communication between landlords and tenants and helps with long-term retention. It also goes without mentioning that AutoCAD is extremely useful during renovations, providing tenants and property managers with a clear vision of the end result and giving each party the opportunity to adjust the plan prior to the start of work.

Finding Suitable Tenants for What the Building Can Accommodate

Buildings are designed for a certain population. If you overpopulate the space, it puts stress on the building and therefore maintenance and repair costs go up, along with operational costs such as running HVAC. In fact, HVAC is a frequent challenge when you’ve got too many people in the space, as the temperature is difficult to regulate with most systems. This issue alone often forces landlords to upgrade the whole system to please a tenant that may leave anyway.
What if the tenant wants the building open 24/7? There are costs incurred with that as well, such as running bathrooms and cleaning. You need to know these details before you sign the deal, not after. They can disrupt costing and expense figures that were established during the lease negotiations, whereas if you know these challenges ahead of time, you can compensate for those costs in their budgets.
A property manager has an understanding of the impact on those decisions.

The LPM Advantage

Having easy access to up-to-date drawings is essential for landlords, tenants, contractors, and leasing agents to conduct their affairs with excellence. You will want someone who understands where each party is coming from, what their needs are, and how best to solve the challenges that they face in their respective places within commercial leasing and property management.

With over 30 years’ experience on both the leasing and property management of the business, LPM Consulting is certified in AutoCAD and can create, adjust, and manage your property management company files accordingly. Whether you’re looking to lease a new property and want to close the deal faster or want to make the most out of your commercial or industrial space, LPM can help. Contact us today to learn more.